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Airedale Terrier Rescue & Rehome
Planet Airedale offers a number of services to assist with the rehoming and rescue of Airedale Terriers. 
Planet Airedale's rescue and rehoming service is recognised by The Kennel Club.
The Kennel Club is a member of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes.
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In emergency (if you know of an Airedale who needs an immediate home in The UK), we can help: call 07967 140862 anytime.

Airedales available for rehoming are always discussed within The Planet Airedale Rehome Forum before any non-members are contacted.
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About Planet Airedale's Rescue in The UK.

Planet Airedale offers a complete Airedale Terrier RescueMolly, three years old and Rehoming service in The UK.  Since Planet Airedale start in 2003,Bede, seven years old the number of Airedales we have found new homes for has long ago reached triple figures in The UK, with ages ranging from four months to sixteen years.  The pictures you see on this page are just some of the Airedales who have found their permanent homes through Planet Airedale (hover your cursor over the picture to see some more information about them, and click to enlarge the picture).

Milly, two years oldRiHolly, two years oldchard and Linda Mellor, Planet Airedale Founders, say: "Planet Airedale Rescue is here to help any Airedale who for one reason or another, usually through no fault of their own, find themselves in need of a new loving forever home.

Airedales come to us looking for a new home for various reasons: break up of a relationship, arrival of a new baby, owners not having time for them, perceived behavioural problems, owners moving house, medical reasons, or sadly even the loss of their Ruby, one year oldowner.

Some Airedales may come with a lot of "baggage" and they may not have been Max (on left), three years oldshown good manners  Sometimes they may not have been well socialised and sadly they may even have been abused. They will need time, patience and understanding as well as lots of TLC to help them settle into their new home.Holly, eight months old

Giving a home to an older Airedale can also be very rewarding. Yes, in reality you may only have a short period of time with your new companion, but knowing that you have given a happy, secure and loving home to an Airedale at perhaps their greatest time of need…
..what better feeling can you experience. With a ten year old Airedale you could have a Barney, four years oldnumber of very happy years together! Blossom, ten years old

When Planet Airedale is approached by an owner we need them to be open and honest about the reasons for looking for a new home for their Airedale. We also rely on the owners giving us as much information as possible as it is an essential guide to the future well being of their Airedale. Maisie, four years old

Pepsi (on left), three years oldWe always try, where possible, to rehome our Airedales directly to their new home. However, in some cases this is not always possible and the Airedale can, if necessary, be taken into foster care until a suitable permanent new home can be found. We can arrange emergency transportation of a needy Airedale from anywhere in The UK if required.

Planet Airedale Monty, two years oldwill always help a needy Airedale regardless of age or circumstances.

Kira (on left), nine months oldOffering a home to a needy Airedale takes a very special person ….is that you?

If you feel you could give a home to a Planet Airedale Rescue please complete the form found near the top of this page.


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