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If you have a question of any sort regarding Planet Airedale, joining and paying for Membership, problems logging in or issues regarding the Forums, please read our frequently asked questions below before contacting us.



The Global Airedale Terrier Club.
Please Join Our Forum.


Yes. We only have a few rules but please adhere to them to keep Planet Airedale a pleasant place to be.

Respect. We ask everyone to respect everyone else. No personal attacks, no defamatory, inflammatory, rude, abrupt or racial comments. Teach, not preach.

Bad language. Please do not swear or use bad language in The Forums.

Inappropriate subjects. Planet Airedale is for talk about Airedale Terriers foremost. You can talk about almost anything and everything within The ‘Everything Else’ section, with a few exceptions. There are certain subjects on which everyone is divided and threads on these subjects turn into debates, can cause offence and will be removed. These include: race, immigration, religion, politics (including war) and shock/training collars.

Report a problem. You can report any post or PM you may receive directly by clicking on the ‘report to moderator’ link bottom right of the post/PM in question. The issue will then be addressed.

Hijacking of threads. Do not hijack a thread. If you wish to talk about a subject which is different to the subject being discussed in a particular thread, please start a new thread.

Planet Airedale prides itself on being friendly place for all of it’s Members to enjoy. To this end, Planet Airedale will enforce the rules above and if you breach any of them then appropriate action will be taken. For minor breaches, you will receive an email from the moderators and we ask you to not commit the same breach of the rules again.

For repeat offenders, or for those who commit a more serious breach of the rules, their Membership may be suspended, either for a limited or indefinite time, or permanently deleted.

Whilst Planet Airedale will try to resolve any issues which may arise to the satisfaction of all, we will deal with the situation in the best way for the majority of the Members. Planet Airedale’s decision in all matters is final.

To start a new topic click on the section you would like to post in, for example ‘Wellbeing’, then click on the words ‘New Topic’ on the top right of your screen. Type in a subject for your posting (please type something like ‘Advice on diet problem required’ and not just something like ‘Help!’) and then type your posting into the large box in the middle of your screen.

You will see you can customise you message by changing the font size, colour etc if you want to. If you hover your cursor over any of the symbols above where you have typed you will see what each symbol will do if you click. Some of the most popular smilies are shown, for more click on the ‘more’ button. By clicking on the smilie will insert it into your message. Smilies can make all the difference to our postings, they can be a great way of expressing your thoughts and feelings ~ please do think about adding them into your message.

When you have finished typing your message, click on ‘Preview’ to make sure it looks OK ~ remember to break up big paragraphs as this will make is easier for other members to read. If you like what you see click on ‘Post Message’.

Please do not use block capitals ~ IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING ALL THE TIME AND IT IS DIFFICULT TO READ!!! Please remember to break large area of text up into paragraphs to make it easier to read and please don’t use ‘txt speak’, such as CU IN 2WKS.

To reply to an existing thread simply click on the word ‘Reply’ found at both the bottom and top of the page.

You can insert someone else’s posting into yours, if you want to respond directly to what they said. To do this, do not click on ‘Reply’, instead click on ‘Quote’ which can be found above each post. Click on this, which will open a ‘reply’ box with the original text inside quote tags.

For example, if you wish to quote someone who has said “Good Morning and how are you?”, once you click on the quote button, this will be shown as “[QUOTE=their username]Good Morning and how are you?[/QUOTE]”. Type your response after the “[/QUOTE]”. If you don’t want to quote everything they have said, just remove the text you don’t want from inside the quote tags, for example “[QUOTE=their username]Good Morning[/QUOTE]”. There is other code inside the tags, please do not delete or alter this.

If you wish to insert a link to another website into your posting (these are called hyperlinks), e.g.: https://www.planetairedale.com , it can sometimes be too long, look ugly and distort the thread if you copy the whole web address. It is tidier to be able to have the link like this: To visit Planet Airedale, click here.

To do this while typing a new post:
1/ Click on the world symbol, when you have the posting window open.
2/ That will give you: [url][/url]
3/ Between the brackets, type the text you wish to make into a link, for example: here
4/ It will look like this: [url]here[/url]
5/ In the first bracket, add a = symbol and the web address, like this:
This gives you, when you preview or post, this: here

Planet Airedale reserve the right to remove any links which are inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant.

There are two ways to share your pictures:

Uploading pictures direct from your PC: Save your pictures to your PC, making sure they are less than 250Kb ~ we cannot really help you with this part as everyone’s PC settings are different. One thing which will help is to set your digital camera to its lowest quality setting before you take the pictures.

When you are typing a posting, click on ‘Additional Options’ which is near the bottom left of your screen. Click on ‘Browse’ and find the picture you want to share on you PC. Once you click ‘Post’ the picture will be included. (Full Members Only).

On-line photo album: If your pictures are stored on an on-line photo album, you will need to copy the URL for the picture from your on-line album. The URL will look something like this: http://www.yourphotos.com/your album/yourpicture. Then click on the ‘picture’ symbol () when you are typing your post. This will give you the code: [img][/img] in your posting. Add the URL of your picture in to the middle bit of the code, which will give you: [img]http://www.yourphotos.com/your album/yourpicture[/img] When you finish your posting and have clicked ‘Post’, your picture will be included in your post.

To the top of your screen above the forum boards you will see a button marked ‘Profile’. In your Profile, you can customise your settings, upload your avatar, signature etc., After you have made your changes always click on the ‘Change Profile’ button at the bottom of you screen otherwise your setting will not be saved.

First of all find an avatar somewhere out there on the web or you can use one of your own pictures ~ it needs to be less than 250Kb. You can either copy the URL (not recommended) or save it to your PC (recommended). Once you have done this, open your Profile and click on ‘Forum Profile Information”. Click on ‘Browse’ and find the avatar you want to use on your PC. (Full Members Only).

You will notice most Planet Airedale Members will have stars under their name  ~ these are based on how many posts you have made.

star 10 posts
starstar 250 posts
starstarstar 1,000 posts
starstarstarstar 2,500 posts
starstarstarstarstar 5,000 posts.

Please note that you will not be able to read the personal diary section until you have posted at least ten times (one star).

Planet Airedale from time to time awards certain long standing members and those who have done outstanding deeds to help an Airedale in need with Life Membership to show our appreciation of the support they have given to Planet Airedale.

We do reserve the right to withdraw Life Membership if any member does not remain an active user of Planet Airedale (for example, by not posting in the Planet Airedale forums for more than two months at a time).

In the Technical section of the forum, you will see a Testing area. Please feel free to experiment with your settings in there, setting up your signature, avatars or you might just want to practice posting before going into the main forums.

The Personal Message system we have at Planet Airedale is like an internal email system. You can contact other Members privately by sending them a PM (as long as the other person has this function enabled). You can do this by clicking on the under their username or through their profile (if you can’t see this symbol then the other person is not accepting PM’s). If you receive a PM, you will also receive an email informing you of this. You can switch off this email notification in your profile, by clicking on ‘Personal Message Options’ then where is says ‘Notify by email every time you receive a personal message, change ‘Always’ to ‘Never’ then click ‘Change Profile’. Please do not click ‘reply’ when you receive an email, they are for notification only and will not be delivered.

Your password can be changed in your profile. Click on ‘Profile’ in the blue bar at the top of the Forums, and then click on ‘Account Related Settings’ on the left hand side in your profile settings

As Planet Airedale is run by humans and not by computer, once you have paid your Membership will be set up manually within 24 hours, although it is often quicker.  Once your Membership is activated, you will receive an email. Please wait until you receive this confirmation email from Planet Airedale saying your Membership is approved before trying to log in.

Firstly, make sure you are entering your username and password correctly. Secondly, make sure you are entering them only in lower case, ie: use sarah and not Sarah. Thirdly, check your Membership has not lapsed. Before the end of your Membership, you will have received an email from us asking if you wish to renew. If we have not received a reply to this email, we will have assumed you do not wish to renew and your account will have been closed. To reopen your account and pay for your Membership, click here.

If you enter your date of birth (with or without the year) into your profile, the calendar will automatically show your birthday. You can also enter your Airedale’s birthday directly into the calendar.

PLEASE check your junk/spam folders. Certain ISPs are a nightmare for us to send emails to (we do not know why), AOL is one of these.

Click on the ‘Report to moderator’ link found on every post.